The Citrus Academy's Ready-Steady-Work programme is a workplace readiness programme which has been designed for Bursary Fund students who are preparing to enter or have recently entered the workplace.

The programme is in the form of a week-long workshop during the October recess. During the camp, students participate in workshop on the following topics:

    • Who wants what? Get your expectations in line with what you the employer expects from you
    • Who am I and where am I going? Learn more about your drivers, strengths, weaknesses and development areas, write your own development plan and CV
    • What does the workplace look like? Learn about what makes workplaces work, and how you will be expected to help make it work
    • Will I fit in at work? Get rid of anxiety and feel like part of the workplace
    • How can I do my best? Work on your commitment and motivation
    • What if I need more support? Get coaching during the first period at your new job

Students also participate in physical activities and challenges, all designed to encourage teamwork, self-confidence and self-reliance.

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