Tertiary Education Support

Any person studying at a registered tertiary education institution in a field related to citrus production or research can apply for a tertiary education support bursary. If you fulfill any of the below criteria you may be what we are looking for:

    • A citizen of South Africa, Swaziland or Zimbabwe;
    • Studying fulltime or part-time at a registered tertiary academic institution;
    • Studying in a field related to citrus production or research;
    • Not going to be in your first year of study;
    • Interested in a career in the citrus industry; and
    • Satisfied that you are able to comply with the terms and conditions of the Bursary Fund agreement (download here) and the Citrus Academy Code of Conduct (download here).



We provide funding to cover tuition, accommodation, meals, books and stationery, research costs (postgraduate students only), and other expenses related to a students' studies.



Applications for the following academic year are open from 1 June to 15 September every year.

To apply to the Bursary Fund, an online application must be completed. Please note that we accept only online applications, and no faxed, emailed or snail-mailed applications will be considered for this category. In addition to completing the application, you need to submit a copy of your ID document and your latest academic results. These documents must be faxed or emailed. Please do not snail-mail any original documents to us. Be sure to follow all the instructions on the application form very carefully.

After the closing date, applications are listed in a database, scored according to a weighted scoring system, and ranked.

Postgraduate applications are sent to leading citrus researchers and academics in different fields who score applications in terms of importance and priority. Please note that it is essential for postgraduate applicants to provide sufficient detail of their research project and supervisor in order to facilitate this process.

Once all scoring has been completed, the top applicants are shortlisted together with current Bursary Fund beneficiaries who wish to continue their studies. The amounts applied for may be adjusted in order to ensure equitable funding and to manage risk. The shortlist is then submitted for approval and funding is secured.

Every effort is made to inform students before the middle of December about the success of their applications. At the very latest students will be informed by the middle of January.


Student Obligations

Successful candidates are required to sign a Bursary Agreement which obligates them to adhere to strict academic standards and to commit to the Citrus Academy Code of Conduct. Every Bursary Fund student also has to work time back in the citrus industry on completion of his / her studies, at least equal to the period of time that he / she received support from the Bursary Fund.

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