Workplace Learning

Graduates often find it difficult to enter the job market on the completion of their studies if they do not already have at least some work experience – the old 'can't get a job without experience, can't get experience without getting a job' conundrum. The Citrus Academy has implemented a number of workplace learning programmes to give Bursary Fund students opportunities to gain experience in the workplace and thereby making them more employable.

If you are willing to host a student for workplace learning please contact us. We appreciate your help.


Vacation Work

We arrange vacation work on citrus farms and packhouses, or at other appropriate workplaces, during vacation periods for undergraduate and diploma students. The purpose is to assist learners with their studies by providing them with practical experience needed to supplement and apply theoretical knowledge. At the same time, students' marketable skills are developed and they are given the opportunity to build a network of contacts, thereby increasing their chances of finding permanent employment in the citrus industry after completion of studies.


Internship Programme

Diploma students need to complete a period of vocational learning, or an internship, as part of the course requirements for their qualification. Depending on the institution and diploma course, this internship can be for 6 or 12 months.

We find internship placements for diploma students on the Citrus Academy Bursary Fund. We secure funding, mostly from the AgriSETA, which is paid to the employer in the form of a monthly stipend used to subsidise the salary of the intern. The employer identifies a mentor who can assist the intern with completing assignments and oversees his / her work activities.

Internships have often in the past led to permanent employment. The employer has a chance to assess a student's abilities and potential without having to commit to permanent employment.


Graduate Placement / Workplace Experience Programme

If a Citrus Academy Bursary Fund student has difficulty finding employment after graduating, we can assist the graduate to find a position by offering the employer a salary subsidy similar to that offered for internships. The employer and graduate sign a fixed term employment contract, normally for a maximum of 12 months. The employer is responsible for overseeing the graduate's activities and ensuring that the graduate gets maximum exposure for the period of employment. The employer in turn gets a qualified, if inexperienced, employee at a subsidised salary.

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