Citrus Extension Continuing Professional Development Programme

The programme and all its components is made available to all active extension officers at no charge.

The Citrus Extension CPD programme was developed as a resource for all extension officers active in the citrus industry, whether they are employed by government departments or other entities, to:

  • Develop and contextualise the citrus production knowledge of extension officers.
  • Ensure that extension officers have the necessary tools and resources to provide quality services to growers.
  • Ensure that extension officers are aware of the latest developments and research findings.
  • Ensure that extension officers are aware of information disseminated at the CRI Research Symposium and technical workshops.
  • Offer extension officers opportunities to continue learning, improving their skills base and knowledge – and their resumés.
  • Offer extension officers opportunities to score CPD points.
  • Provide extension officers with opportunities to discuss matters and challenges of common concern and discuss possible solutions.

The programme consists of three components, namely:

  • Citrus industry induction
  • Ongoing skills programmes
  • Citrus Extension Forum

This programme is currently under development, and more details will follow soon. Please visit the Citrus Extension CPD Programme registration page to register your interest and we will keep you informed.