IPM for Citrus

A request from the grower body was received at the start of 2011 for the development of an audio-visual learning tool, aimed at developing skills and knowledge around monitoring for citrus pests. Citrus Academy in collaboration with the CRI and with the support of the CGA heeded that call!

The resultant Integrated Pest Management for Citrus DVD set is accompanied by written learning material - learner study guides, learning aids and other handy resources - for scouts and staff working in citrus pest control and management.

Audio-visual modules can be viewed on the Citrus Academy YouTube Channel.

All individual written transcripts (listed titles below) are downloadable in PDF format from the CRW website. Click on the CRW logo below.

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Citrus Pest Information learning aids (listed titles below), in both English and Afrikaans, can be downloaded from the CRW website by clicking on this link.

Pre-harvest Analysis form / Voor-oes vrugontledings vorm
Scout FormVerkennings vorm

SA Fruit Journal Article - Thresholds (2008)

Order your IPM for Citrus DVD set by emailing your order form to Bets de Flamingh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IPM for Citrus Module & Citrus Pest Information Titles

Learning Material Module 01 - Introduction to Integrated Pest Management

Learning Material Module 02 - Citrus Pest Monitoring

Learning Material Module 03 - Pre-harvest Blemish Analysis

Learning Material Module 04 - Interpreting Monitoring Results

Learning Aids - False Codling Moth (A4 and A3-page)

Learning Aids - Thrips (A4 and A3-page)

Learning Aids - Red Scale (A4 and A3-page)

Learning Aids - Mealybug (A4 and A3-page)

Learning Aids - Bollworm & Scales (A4 and A3-page)

Learning Aids - Fruitfly & Bi (A4 and A3-page)

Learning Aids - Mites (A4 and A3-page)

Learning Aids - Other Pests (A4 and A3-page)

Learning Aids - Other Pests 2 (A4 and A3-page)

Leergids Module 01 - Inleiding tot Geïntegreerde Plaagbestuur

Leergids Module 02 - Sitrusplaagmonitering

Leergids Module 03 - Voor-oes Letselontleding

Leergids Module 04 - Interpretering van Moniteringresultate

Leerhulbronne - Vals Kodlingmot (A4 en A3-bladsy)

Leerhulbronne - Blaaspootjie (A4 en A3-bladsy)

Leerhulbronne - Rooidopluis (A4 en A3-bladsy)

Leerhulbronne - Witluis (A4 en A3-bladsy)

Leerhulbronne - Bolwurm & Dopluise (A4 en A3-bladsy)

Leerhulbronne - Vugtevlieg & Bi (A4 en A3-bladsy)

Leerhulbronne - Myte (A4 en A3-bladsy)

Leerhulbronne - Ander Sitrusplae (A4 en A3-bladsy)

Leerhulbronne - Ander Sitrusplae 2 (A4 en A3-bladsy)

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