Citrus Business Management

At the beginning of 2013, the Citrus Grower Development Chamber identified a lack of business management skills as a major obstacle to the success of emergent citrus growers. The Citrus Academy was tasked with coming up with an initiative to address the challenge.

We identified the New Venture Creation qualification on NQF level 4, registered with the Services SETA, as an appropriate basis for the programme. Programme material was acquired from a reputable service provider, Scientific Roets (, with years of experience in the implementation of the programme. The programme material was adapted and contextualised for citrus production and for the target learner group.

The programme covers a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship, and business planning and management. It is expected that the programme material and implementation plan will be made available for wider rollout in 2015, providing that the pilot project is completed successfully.

For more information on the programme, including a detailed content framework, please download the programme information document here.

The complete programme material can be downloaded from the CRW website. Click on the logo below.

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