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Pick me! is an online information sharing platform for job seekers and companies seeking employees.


Bursary Fund graduates and/or candidates with citrus-related qualifications can register as a job seeker by creating an account below, signing in and registering as a job seeker by filling out the registration form. Listings will remain online for one month, and it is the candidate’s responsibility to update their listing.



Employers looking for candidates can view all listings here.



Disclaimer: Citrus Academy is not a recruitment agency, and does not conduct vetting of potential candidates or involve itself in any way in the employer / employee relationship. Interested employers are to liaise directly with job seekers listed on our website. 


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Ready-Steady-Work E-learning programme

Ready-Steady-Work is an online programme with three courses aimed at those entering the workplace, workplace coaches/employers and new employees.


Citrus Academy encourages candidates who list their details on the Pick me! platform to register and complete the Ready! programme. This programme is offered free of charge.


In this work-orientation programme:


  • You will get an overview of Citrus Production in South Africa including the value chain and citrus types and cultivars.
  • We will then look closely at finding and applying for positions, effective CV writing and interviewing tips.
  • We will look at the workplace environment including building professional relationships, health and safety, rights and obligations and conditions of employment.
  • Finally, we will look at life skills including work and family, money matters and good habits.

If you have any questions regarding the RSW Programme, please contact


Click here to find out more and register for the Ready programme.