Citrus Production




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Learn about all aspects of citrus production.

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Learn about all aspects of citrus production including the history of the industry, the roles of industry organisations, citrus production practices and the citrus export value chain.


  • Introduction to citrus production
  • The South African citrus industry
  • Citrus distribution and production
  • Citrus value chain
  • Citrus phenology
  • Citrus varieties and cultivars
  • Citrus rootstocks
  • Propagation of citrus trees
  • Land preparation and planting
  • Irrigation
  • Citrus plant nutrition
  • Citrus pruning
  • Citrus pest monitoring (scouting)
  • Major citrus pests
  • Minor citrus pests
  • Citrus diseases
  • Orchard sanitation
  • Citrus harvesting
  • Citrus postharvest processes
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