Citrus SuperPower Trainer Development

The cost of the Train-the-Trainer programme is R14,000 (excluding VAT) per person.

Any person can be a Citrus SuperPower Trainer, if they:


  • Live or work in the area where they plan to implement the SuperPower workplace programme;
  • Are an experienced learning facilitator, trainer or teacher;
  • Are familiar with the citrus value chain and operational practices, or at least the fruit value chain and operational practices;
  • Have an understanding of business management concepts and processes;
  • Have English proficiency adequate for completing the SuperPower Trainer Development programme successfully;
  • Have local language proficiency adequate for training supervisors in their home language; and
  • Have adequate numeracy skills to master and facilitate the numeracy and business management components of the programme.


The Citrus SuperPower Trainer Development programme consist of three components, namely online modules completed in preparation for the workshop, a 5-day workshop which forms the central component of the programme, and ongoing mentorship from a Citrus SuperPower master trainer and support through the Citrus Academy Trainers platform. The duration of the first two components of the programme is about 1 month. The Citrus Academy Trainers platform hosts a range of learning resources, documentation and links that supports Trainers and enables them to implement the workplace programme. The platform is password protected and can only be accessed by certified Trainers.


The workshop is the central component of the development programme. The learning objectives of the development workshop are as follows:


  • Learn the facilitation methodology used for implementing the SuperPower programme in the workplace.
  • Develop an in depth understanding of the content of the workplace programme.
  • Become familiar with the resources used during the implementation of the workplace programme.
  • Learn how to ensure that the programme principles are integrated into the workplace through effective management orientation.
  • Explore options for customising the workplace programme to suit the conditions in individual workplaces.
  • Become familiar with the workplace implementation process, documentation and administration.


During the workshop, Trainers receive resources required for implementing the programme, including Trainer Development manual, supervisor training manual, supervisor notebook and logbook, programme icons, games and posters, PowerPoint presentations for management orientation, team orientation and facilitation.


The Citrus Academy implements the Trainer Development Programme, scheduling three to four programmes per year, targeting different provinces in order to make the programme as accessible as possible. Please visit the Citrus SuperPower Trainer Development registration page to apply in the next programme.


Certified SuperPower Trainers can register new workplace programmes with the Citrus Academy. The Citrus Academy will supply the SuperPower Trainer with programme resources for each learner registered for a programme. The SuperPower Trainer will recover the cost of these resources from the workplace as part of the course fee. The monitoring, administration and certification for the workplace programme is provided as a free service by the Citrus Academy.


Please visit the Citrus SuperPower Workplace Programme information page to learn more.