Ready-Steady-Work Programme

This programme is free of charge.

The Ready-Steady-Work programme was developed to assist new employees at citrus enterprises with effectively integrating into the workplace.

The programme is delivered exclusively through the Citrus Academy e-learning platform.

The programme consists of three modules, as follows:

Estimated completion period: 3 weeks

This module targets work-seekers to prepare them for employment in the citrus industry. The content covers the citrus industry and citrus workplaces, the skills needed to integrate into the workplace and a work team, the rights and obligations of employers and employees, occupational health and safety and fitting work into your life.

Estimated completion period: 3 weeks

This module is aimed at workplace coaches to assist them with implementing effective onboarding and workplace induction programmes. The content covers the principles of onboarding , effective workplace coaching, building great teams and managing diverse teams.

Completion period: 3 months

This module assists new employees in the workplace with weekly sections covering the first three months of their employment, possibly the probationary period.

Please visit the Ready-Steady-Work E-Learning registration page to enrol.