Citrus SuperPower Workplace Programme

The resources for this programme are supplied and charged to the SuperPower Trainer at R600 ex VAT per set.

This is to be recovered by the Trainer as part of the course fee. The monitoring, administration and certification services for this programme are provided free of charge by the Citrus Academy.

Citrus SuperPower workplace programmes are aimed at developing supervisory skills in citrus workplaces (farms, packhouses, nurseries, etc.). The programme focuses specifically on supervisory skills and does not include technical knowledge and skills but does incorporate numeracy and communication skills development.



This programme is delivered by certified Citrus SuperPower Trainers (please visit the Citrus SuperPower Trainer Development information page to learn more).



The programme consists of the following modules:


  • The Super Supervisor
  • Being a Supervisor
  • Talking about Business
  • Doing Business
  • Putting People First
  • Being a Super Supervisor


Programme participants will receive the following recourses:


  • Supervisor note-and-logbook
  • numiknow™ play cards
  • Presentation poster
  • Sling bag, pen, hat


The SuperPower workplace programme is typically implemented over several weeks, with classroom modules interspersed with practical work, for which a logbook is used for tracking purposes. It is recommended that the programme is facilitated in home language as far as possible. To ensure that the improvements in supervisor skills sets are supported and incorporated into the management of the workplace, the programme requires workplace management and team orientation.


The programme has been designed to be customisable for different workplaces, with Citrus SuperPower Trainers able to adapt the programme and mode of delivery to suit specific needs.


To implement a programme in a workplace, a Citrus SuperPower Trainer must be engaged by the workplace. The Trainer registers the programme with the Citrus Academy, who will provide the Trainer with a set of resources for each learner on the programme. The Citrus Academy will monitor the implementation of the programme and review the outcomes. If all is in order, the Citrus Academy will issue a Citrus SuperPower certificate for each successful learner.


If you would like to implement the Citrus SuperPower workplace programme, please contact for a list of Citrus SuperPower Trainers in your region.