Citrus Industry Employment and Skills Survey

Thank you for taking part in the 2024 Citrus Industry Employment and Skills Survey.


The purpose of the survey is to gather data on the current and projected future employment and on the current state of scarce and critical skills per citrus-growing region. This will allow us to accurately report on employment in the citrus industry, to do analysis on employment trends, to prioritise programmes and training, and to pay special attention to regions where skills shortages are acute.


To achieve these objectives, it is important that we understand the full range of occupations employed in the industry, how many people are employed in each occupation on a permanent, seasonal and consulting basis, how difficult it is to find people to fill these positions, and how critical these occupations are to the success of your operations. We need to understand what this picture looks like at the moment, and what it is likely to look like in 2029.


The survey consists of four questionnaires, with one questionnaire each for farms, packhouses and nurseries and a fourth for other enterprises in the citrus industry. If your company owns more than one production unit, packhouse and / or nursery, please complete separate questionnaires for each business unit. For example, if your company owns three farms, two packhouses and a nursery, please complete three farm questionnaires, one for each farm, two packhouse questionnaires and one nursery questionnaire. If there is a holding company which employs administrative and management staff only, please complete the other enterprises questionnaire for this company.


The questionnaires can be completed either online, by using the links below, or by downloading the applicable fillable PDFs below. If using the PDFs, please complete a separate one for each business unit and email the completed forms to



Survey Links

All data that is submitted as part of this questionnaire will be treated in compliance with the POPI Act. Identification information (contact details, enterprise name, PUC/PHC, etc.) will only be used to eliminate duplicate submissions and to verify data. Once this process is complete, data will be anonymised before being analysed, and it will only be reported in aggregated form. No personal data belonging to any individual person or enterprise will be made available to any third party under any circumstances.